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Realstreetmusic: “1st Of The Month” edition (Hosted by CELLY D) PODCAST


 PLAYLIST: 1. Celly D interview – Celly D 2. Dismiss Him – Celly D 3. Out Da Hood – JL (Feat. Nef The Pharoah) 4. Tomorrow Til Infinity – Young Thug 5. Oh Oui Oui – OG Maco 6. Just Wanna Love You – Eli Way & Rachel Marie 7. High Times – Swendal 8. Tainted – Quan (donferquan) 9. Growing Pains – Kemsostry (Feat. The Ninth Letter) 10. Magnolia – Playboi Carti 11. On Me – Deau X. Boy 12. Keep It 100 – Celly D (Feat. Bandana BikerBoyy) 13. Right Now – Phresher (Feat. Cardi B, Loso Loaded) 14. Shout Out To The Pain – EdiDon (Feat. Keith Robinson, Afini Shakur)

Realstreetmusic: 1st Of The Month edition (Hosted by CELLY D)

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Mega Producer Caviar & The Secret Specialist are Back with another Banger “That Life ” By Keith Robinson Feat. Big Gipp (Promo Video)


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realstreetmusic cadre interview cover

DJ LUOS interviews “CADRE” Realstreetmusic Podcast/Mixshow

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Lost One Podcast cover

DJ LUOS interviews Lost One and plays snippets from the new album “Naked Truth”

Lost One Talks about his new album, The Industry, and 2pac movie. Followed by “NAKED TRUTH” album snippets (Hosted by DJ LUOS)

Lost One Podcast cover

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Rock City Talks Writing For Rihanna, Usher and Their New Album!

Rock City has been on the scene for a long time writing hit records for Beyonce, Rihanna, Akon, Usher, Becky G, Mario countless other big name stars. They have been promoting their solo single “I’m That” featuring 2 Chainz and they spoke to Pole Blvd.

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Germfree (Bang Bang) talks to REALSTREETMUSIC about “Paper Chase”

Realstreetmusic:  When did you record this track, and how did it come about?
Germfree:  I recorded this track 3 weeks ago, the song came about after reflecting on different ways I used to hustle for money. I wanted to tell a brief story of my past so the point of writing the song was to cover them slightly. 

Realstreetmusic:  What is the process when you drop new music in the studio, and how do you stay motivated?  

Germfree:  Lots of weed. JK, I motivate myself like a athlete does. I take this too serious so the inspiration finds itself. The process is never the same. I have no ritual to starting a song, I kind of wait around for a combination of feelings to build, I already know the mood and wording by the time my hand touches paper.      

Realstreetmusic:  Did you officially change your rap name to “Bang Bang”?
Germfree:  No, “Bang Bang” is my mothers nickname. She used to run with a bad crowd in her revolutionary days in “Guatemala”. I used her nickname as my secondary alias for my more (mainstream) content. I do it as a ironic gesture really. Germfree and “Bang Bang” are polar opposites.

Realstreetmusic:  Do you have any up coming projects you are working on? 

Germfree:  Tons.. but none I can name due to the high profile of people working on them with me. Once it’s all confirmed and set I will update the world. Meanwhile the (soundcloud) songs I drop and albums are my focus.

Realstreetmusic:  Who can they contact for booking/ features? 

Germfree: or

Realstreetmusic:  Are you “Paper Chasing” day and night? 
Germfree:  I do paper chase, shouldnt everyone? 

Germ Free aka “BANG BANG” (Baby G Music/Aktivated Muzik Group #AKGHT)

official “single” drops on 4th of july

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