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Germfree (Bang Bang) talks to REALSTREETMUSIC about “Paper Chase”

Realstreetmusic:  When did you record this track, and how did it come about?
Germfree:  I recorded this track 3 weeks ago, the song came about after reflecting on different ways I used to hustle for money. I wanted to tell a brief story of my past so the point of writing the song was to cover them slightly. 

Realstreetmusic:  What is the process when you drop new music in the studio, and how do you stay motivated?  

Germfree:  Lots of weed. JK, I motivate myself like a athlete does. I take this too serious so the inspiration finds itself. The process is never the same. I have no ritual to starting a song, I kind of wait around for a combination of feelings to build, I already know the mood and wording by the time my hand touches paper.      

Realstreetmusic:  Did you officially change your rap name to “Bang Bang”?
Germfree:  No, “Bang Bang” is my mothers nickname. She used to run with a bad crowd in her revolutionary days in “Guatemala”. I used her nickname as my secondary alias for my more (mainstream) content. I do it as a ironic gesture really. Germfree and “Bang Bang” are polar opposites.

Realstreetmusic:  Do you have any up coming projects you are working on? 

Germfree:  Tons.. but none I can name due to the high profile of people working on them with me. Once it’s all confirmed and set I will update the world. Meanwhile the (soundcloud) songs I drop and albums are my focus.

Realstreetmusic:  Who can they contact for booking/ features? 

Germfree: or

Realstreetmusic:  Are you “Paper Chasing” day and night? 
Germfree:  I do paper chase, shouldnt everyone? 

Germ Free aka “BANG BANG” (Baby G Music/Aktivated Muzik Group #AKGHT)

official “single” drops on 4th of july

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