Artist Spotlight: “St. Paulay” Canada Rapper

St. Paulay grew up in Victoria B.C. 
A nice city with a seedy underworld. Expelled from school at an early age he went on to persue 
getting paid every way shape or form. Heavily involved in nafarious activies in the underworld
he kept landing himself in trouble with the law. In an all out effort to do somthing he started boxing
and rapping to try to elevate himself to bigger and better things. Eventialy St.Paulay was able to clean
his life up and get himself sorted out to persue legal moneys and with that took a break from music. 
A few years later he is back in the music game with avengance releasing the Single with Video 
“I Run This” featuring Compton’s own Tracy Lane. Off the album ” I Run This” set to release June 15th the rest is yet to be determined.

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