@Realstreetmusic Artist Spotight: A nickel of questions with “5M Music Group” [@5mmusicgroup @chin_rilla @bino305 @fifthmovement]

1.)  Q: When was the video “Roll Up” released?
      A: It Was released “December 2011″
2.)  Q: Where Can they follow you guys online?
      A: Follow us on / @5mmusicgroup @chin_rilla @bino305 @fifthmovement
3.)  Q: What can we look forward to seeing from 5M Music Group in the future ?
      A: New music, new videos, performances, and movies.
4.)  Q: Who is your contact for booking Shows/ Features?
5.)  Q: Do you guys “Roll Up” every day?
      A: You fuckin right! “Does a bear shit in the woods and wipe his ass with a white fluffy rabbit?” 
Watch the video click here:

                                                                                                              -5M Music Group

                                                                          chin rilla

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